Does all flooring need baseboards?

Does all flooring need baseboards?

Baseboards can be very important to the addition of your new floors. But whether they are a necessity is based on the flooring you install.

These pieces carry out different benefits and can be necessary under certain circumstances. Here are some facts that you should consider as you shop.

Baseboards can protect your walls

If you have walls made of drywall, they can be susceptible to damage without baseboards. Kicking, foreign objects, and moisture can damage walls to the point of replacement.

Baseboards can prevent dirt and debris from staining and penetrating the walls. As a result, it can wind up saving you money over time.

Baseboards can hide imperfections

Our flooring company offers baseboards that help disguise walls that might be slightly crooked, as most are. They can also work to hide expansion gaps for hardwood flooring and luxury vinyl.

Should your floors expand or contact, baseboards keep the process covered. And you'll, nor your guests will be any the wiser when it happens.

Baseboards offer exciting aesthetic appeal

No matter what type of visual you have in place, great baseboards can create a stunning visual. Choose height, material, and color options to match your decor perfectly.

You'll see a beautiful result as you customize these new floors to your preferences. If you're unsure what you need, speak with us while you're here.

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