What floors can tolerate water?

What floors can tolerate water?

You can choose from several options if you want new floors with a waterproof profile. These floors will ensure you don't have to replace your floors because of water damage.

The term waterproof can mean different things these days. So be sure to speak with an associate about the details of any material before you buy.

Luxury vinyl is a fantastic choice

Luxury vinyl flooring offers a wealth of benefits, including an outstanding lifespan. With professional installation, they can give you more than 20 years with ease.

But they are also 100% waterproof and will never take on damage. Our flooring company offers materials that work in dampness, humidity, moisture, and more areas.

Sheet vinyl is a great choice too

Sheet vinyl acts much the same as luxury vinyl, but without seams of any kind. In an average size room, a single piece will cover the entire space.

A lack of seams means liquids and spills will never seep beneath the flooring surface. So, you can manage spills at any time, with excellent results.

Laminate waterproof flooring is trending

Laminate offers top-to-bottom waterproof protection, which means spills are easier to manage with your new floors. But if you have subfloor issues, you'll want to have something in mind for protection from bottom to top.

Laminate also offers water-resistant materials for impressive results. Be sure to ask about all the features for your best flooring experience.

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